James: “We suffered, but we won.”

Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Difficult Win: “I’m happy because to win you have to suffer , we suffered, but we won and it was really important not change anything at halftime, the first part was intense but we knew they would be more tired in the second and that’s how it happened .”

Inferiority in midfield: “Yes , but we have good players like Luka, Isco & Kroos who helped a lot and we managed three points in a very difficult place.”

Vertical and dangerous Madrid : “We’ve come off of two good games, we have to keep winning.”

Nine goals and nine assists: “Yes, I’m happy, if I can make goals for myself that’s great, but I only want to help the team.”

Bale, James or Isco in the starting lineup: “When there are good players , we all have to stay focused and attentive, the manager is the boss.”

No penalty called on Cristiano: “It was a huge penalty , a huge penalty, but luckily it didn’t influence much the outcome, but it was a huge penalty .”

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I was always interested In seeing Real play when I would come here to Spain to visit my family but football (soccer) was not yet my passion, being half-American and living in the states. Years later, after moving to Europe, I watched Florentino build the 'galacticos' squad and I was hooked. It was then when I first wanted to build a Real Madrid Website but it took a 0-5 thrashing at the hands of Barcelona to make me serious about the project years later - and here it is!


  1. How many times did he dive and get away with it? How many times did he dive to win a penalty and get away with it? Sour grapes franco fans are…

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