Ramos tried…and failed

Photo by credit should read OLIVIER MORIN/AFP/Getty Images

Sergio Ramos has possibly his worst performance in a Real Madrid jersey tonight. Nearly every ball he touched was lost. He looked lost and out of place in the midfield. Is Illarra that bad that Ramos should take his place?

I don’t fault Ramos. He does what is asked of him. He has ‘cojones’. Big ones. He never backs down from a challenge. But today he failed and Ancelotti should have pulled him in the second half. The Ramos experiment is fine against small teams but not against the strongest Italian team, in Italy.

Why did we lose tonight in Turin?

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Javier Arranz
I was always interested In seeing Real play when I would come here to Spain to visit my family but football (soccer) was not yet my passion, being half-American and living in the states. Years later, after moving to Europe, I watched Florentino build the 'galacticos' squad and I was hooked. It was then when I first wanted to build a Real Madrid Website but it took a 0-5 thrashing at the hands of Barcelona to make me serious about the project years later - and here it is!

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