Video: Player reactions after the Clasico


Sergio Ramos

“It’s only 4 points, nothing extraordinary and we’re going to keep fighting for the league.” (Clip 1)

“Although we displayed a high level of play in the first half, in the second (half) maybe they had a little more control. It’s a shame we didn’t finish off those little chances in the first half that might have finished off the match. In the end it didn’t happen that way.” (Clip 2)

“Stay calm and keep going, keep working and try to display the same kind of football we did today, even though the result didn’t go in our favor.” (Clip 3)

Luka Modric

“Nothing is decided. There are still many games to play and we’ll fight until the end. “ (Clip 1)

“Up until the second goal we were much better than Barca. We could have possible scored 2-3 goals.” (Clip2)

“We can be proud of how we played the first 30 minutes and after…well that’s football. (Clip 3)


“We’ll keep fighting, going after them knowing where we messed up so we don’t repeat it.” (Clip 1)

“We tried. We wanted to win. Everyone could see that. It was clear on the pitch.” (Clip 2)

“We could have been ahead but there are still 10 matches left. We’ll give our best.” (Clip 3)


“The first half was really good with a lot of possession, scoring chances and ball circulation.“ (Clip 1)

“We have to keep fighting. Our shield requires this much from us.” (Clip 2)


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