Ancelotti: “James was the bright spot. He brought quality to the team.”


Carlo Ancelotti was optimist in the press room after tonight’s 3-1 victory over Malaga with scores from Ramos, James and Cristiano.

“Modric has an issue with his knee and Bale with his calf. We’ll see how it progresses over the next few days. We’re confident he’ll make the match vs Atletico. We’ll decide on Monday after making some tests. Today’s match was positive, not negative because of the injuries. The team won, struggling, we fought hard and put forth our best effort. It’s a fair victory.”

“James was the bright spot of the match. He brought the necessary quality to the team. Isco didn’t have a great first half but his second half was much better. What I liked most was his level of sacrifice, which the team needed.”

“Everyone has an opinion (about the referee) but I think the officiating was fine. I didn’t disagree with any of his decisions. The most important one being the penalty was correct.”

“The remaning matches are all very tough. Every team has a lot to play for. Since Barcelona has the advantage we have to win every match to have a chance.

“The most logical choice to replace Marcelo is Coentrao but I didn’t feel it was the right decision for this match. For the upcoming match he would be the first choice. Otherwise we can use Arbeloa or Nacho. Today Coentrao did resistance exercises, tomorrow strength exercises, on Monday speed exercises and Tuesday he returns to the group.”

“I think Benzema will play because he’ll have recovered some from his problem. With 4 days left his chances are good.”


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