No Bale out coming

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When large banks get themselves into trouble they look to their buddies in government to bail them out. Would that Real Madrid be a large bank, I wager that’s how many teams view them from afar.  However, big brother isn’t coming to the rescue this time, matter of fact, the big boys are the ones meeting out the punishment in the first place.

I hope you’re done snickering at Barcelona, Madrid fans.  What’s good for the goose is coming to the gander.  Yes, it appears that FIFA will try to ‘level the playing field’ and give Real Madrid a taste of the bitter elixir Barca has been sipping for the last two transfer markets.  There are protests of innocence, naturally, but there always are.  If FIFA speaks there will be a ban for two transfer windows, innocent or not.  Madrid will appeal, no doubt, as did their northern neighbors, so they may be able to sneak some business in while the appeal runs it’s course.  Barcelona nabbed some guy by the name of Suarez during their appeal respite, perhaps Los Blancos could improve during this time as well.  Here’s a suggestion…

Sell Bale.  Yes, that’s right, addition by subtraction.  Sell the guy that scored the winning goals in the Copa del Rey and Champions League.  He’s had some good games, some great moments, but he doesn’t appear to be fitting in well in Madrid, he doesn’t seem entirely comfortable (sure the crowd has been hard on him, but justifiably so).  His flashes of brilliance are tempered with long spells off form and injuries.  During Madrid’s troubling month of January people were ready to sell Cristiano after not scoring for two or three games in a row, but somehow Bale can survive weeks and months of poor form and we paid more for him.

Yet, Isco, Varane, and others (Chicharito) do nothing but work their boots off, with nary a peep and they don’t have half the confidence of those calling the shots.  I love Modric, he’s essential to Madrid, but he’s not getting any younger and has a history of long term spells on the sidelines.  Tell me then why we are poking Isco with a stick and daring him to leave?  Something tells me if we had had to pay double for Isco and he had done the things he has done for Madrid with a higher profile team than Malaga, or had a good week at the World Cup, his spot really would be untouchable.  The Bernabeu knows it, every other stadium in La Liga knows it, Isco is a stud that we want to keep in the stable!  If we’re stupid enough to piss him off and let him go we will regret it.  Barcelona and a number of other high profile European teams will be happy, but we will regret it!

Now, getting that Bale out, not so much…

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I have been a Madridista since my first experience with Real Madrid while attending a game at the Bernabeu in 2010. Of course, I knew they existed before then, however, as a kid growing up in North America, I had my interests firmly planted in hockey, American football, basketball and the like. On that trip to Spain, our close friends decided it would be cool to check out a professional football match while we were there, and bought tickets to see Real Madrid play Osasuna. I was hooked. I fell in love with the beautiful game and Los Blancos. While I’m not a born Madrid fan, sometimes converts are the most passionate!


  1. I would have Bale sit the bench until he gets into form. Definitely wouldn’t sell him or any top talent. Money is useless if there aren’t better players out there to spend it on!

  2. I wouldn’t necessarily sell Bale for the money, but I do believe there are better players that would fit better with Madrid and be more consistent than Bale. However, even if you didn’t replace Bale after selling him the money could be used for the Bernabeu upgrade, or whatever, but more importantly, if it didn’t buy another player, it would buy greater cohesion in the squad and more playing time for the immense talent on the bench! But I agree with you, if Madrid could keep Bale happy as a reserve on the bench, that’d be great, but I don’t see that happening. Perez won’t let his galactico/100 mil euros sit on the bench and I have to agree with him… perform for that price or adios. Therefore Isco and his 30 milion sit. I also think it would allow Real to play the 4-4-2 which they seem more successful with anyway! My two cents…


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