Carlo Ancelotti attends the press ahead of Sevilla


Carlo Ancelotti attended the press this afternoon ahead of tomorrow’s match away at Sevilla and had this to say:

“Sevilla are very tough, very strong opponents; it’ll be a really intense, demanding game. We’re out to win, and we need to. The only thoughts in my mind are that we can do it”.

Cristiano Ronaldo
“If he has scored so many goals this season, it’s because he has that personality. He always wants to improve and fight to improve; that’s why he has scored so many goals for such a long time. I don’t understand the Bernabéu whistling Cristiano Ronaldo”.

Bale and Benzema’s fitness
“Bale has trained with the team, he’s in good shape, and he’ll be available for Sevilla. Karim is working individually and we’ll see if he can train with the team on Sunday or Monday”.

“We’re not going to take risks. It isn’t the last game of the season. If they’re available to play, maybe they aren’t fit to play for 90 minutes, but we won’t take risks”.

Ramos in central midfield
“It’s an option, he did very well, but I have other options in central midfield. There’s also Isco, I have several options in this position and I’ll decide tomorrow. Ramos is a player with experience, and he can play in midfield thanks to that. He’s going to help the team whether in central defence or in midfield”.

Experience of central defenders
“There are defenders with extraordinary technical qualities, others who are very focused and have great defensive ability, Cannavaro was fantastic at marking. There are others with personality and the ability to lead the defensive line like Baresi. Ramos is the most complete; he has a bit of everything”.

Bale’s absence
“The team has reacted very well to the absences. Those who have played have done very, very well. Bale is back and is going to help us, he has had a rest and his freshness at this time of the season could be really important”.

“The characteristics of the players change, but not the style of play. Regardless of whether Illarra or Isco plays, we try to attack and we won’t play more defensively because of it”.



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