Defending Cristiano Ronaldo


Let’s get one thing straight, Cristiano Ronaldo is a cold blooded killer… period.  Now of course I’m referring to the football pitch.  While not facing an opponent in La Liga, Champions League, Copa del Rey, on duty for Portugal, or any other competition, he seems like a nice, stand up kinda guy.

The fact that CR7 is a super nice guy by all accounts – just ask Pique, or any other former teammate, or the many children he’s met in the hospital to offer support and paid for treatment, or the many fans who rush the field after play ends and get a hug instead of a push or brushed off – is a bonus, but Madrid, Real Madrid, you know the guys that play football and aspire to win every trophy in existence, ya them…  they pay Cristiano to be a cold blooded killer and he hasn’t let them down!

The guy scores at a phenomenal rate, over a goal per game since arriving in Madrid almost SIX YEARS AGO!!!  Truth be told I’m sure Arbeloa wishes CR7 showed a little more excitement when he and others score, but truth be told, he and everyone else that plays with him will get over it, excuse it, turn a blind eye to it etc. because they want to win too, and chances are darn good they will with Ronaldo on the field.  CR7 doesn’t just want to win, he wants to win playing well and scoring.  Is that something that Ronaldo haters, of which there are many, can use as fuel to stoke their fires?  Naturally.  Is it a problem for Real Madrid, or any of his teammates?  A resounding NO!

Cristiano has his highest number of assists ever in a season of football this year.  Only two assists behind the patron saint of football blessings, Lionel Messi.  Ronaldo is getting less selfish, not more.  He wears his heart on his sleeve as they say, so it’s easy to criticize his reactions, facial expressions, and body language.   The dude is not a robot – cough-messi-cough.  I like seeing passion in a player and don’t have to question whether he’s just going through the motions or not.  Don’t hate the guy because he cares too much!

Did you see him cheering on his team mates in the Copa del Rey final last year?  He takes his role on the field seriously, and when removed from it, you saw his true feelings towards his teammates, he couldn’t have been happier for them! He even consoled Messi for crying out loud!  Watch any video on this site of Madrid practicing together.  CR7 practices extremely well with his teammates, they get along famously, and he invites them to his parties (sorry, I couldn’t resist).

He did not kick the ball in anger because a teammate scored and it wasn’t him.  He kicked the ball in anger because he didn’t play to his incredibly high standards for the match (perhaps a few in a row), part of which is scoring.  There’s a big difference.  It’s happened before and it’ll happen again.  Sorry, not a story…

Whether you like it or not, the guy is human and he’s still going through an emotional time after separating from Irina Shayk, the only mother his son has ever known.

Not sure why everyone loves to hate on CR7, but the dude is just a cold blooded killer that takes his job seriously and does it as well, or better, than anyone else on the planet.

What I wouldn’t do to have some more ‘attitudes’ like his on the squad…



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I have been a Madridista since my first experience with Real Madrid while attending a game at the Bernabeu in 2010. Of course, I knew they existed before then, however, as a kid growing up in North America, I had my interests firmly planted in hockey, American football, basketball and the like. On that trip to Spain, our close friends decided it would be cool to check out a professional football match while we were there, and bought tickets to see Real Madrid play Osasuna. I was hooked. I fell in love with the beautiful game and Los Blancos. While I’m not a born Madrid fan, sometimes converts are the most passionate!


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