3 more goals and still Pichichi, you got a problem with Cristiano, piss off!


I’ve been wanting to let out this rant for some time and I figured now is as good a time as any. I go to almost every home game in the Bernabeu and I don’t know who has the balls to whistle a player who scores 55+ goals ever season, this season being no exception, even though he is now over 30.

You don’t like Cristiano’s “selfish attitude”? Piss off, as the British say.

What a great expression.

Frankly I don’t care if he celebrates his teammates goals or not, or if he kicks the ball into the net when Arbeloa takes the ball right off his foot for the score. I was there at that match, it happened right in front of me and I had no clue what people were wining about.

Cristiano’s ego is what drives him. Without it he is not who he is and he would not be putting up scoring numbers like nobody else has in history with the sole exception of Messi. Wow, we are blessed to be witnessing these 2 go at it, right now, in the same era. We should build a shrine to Cristiano, not whistle him. The man has not only a ridiculous amount of goals but also a very good number of assists, disproving the notion that he is a ‘selfish player’.

Ronaldo wants to win. He wants to win everything. Liga, Champions, Copa, Balon D’or, Pichichi, Fifa player of the year, everything and anything. The man goes home after a match and does laps in his swimming pool. That’s how hard he works to be in the kind shape he needs to be to do what he does. That’s how well he takes care of himself so the fat, out of shape, lazy losers at the Bernabeu can whistle him when he misses a free kick or loses the ball.

Journalists in Spain have nothing better talk about so they make up a bunch of nonsense about Cristiano’s attitude problem. I go to most of the open training sessions. Cristiano gets along great with everyone. He’s always laughing and joking with teammates. Everyone says he’s a nice person, even Gerard Pique, who plays for the arch-rival.

Is he too concerned about personal glory? I didn’t give a bleep! As long as he keeps scoring goals and setting up his teammates more power to him. You have to take the good with the ‘bad’. A non-ambitious Cristiano would be just another striker, not sure what that would look like. What I do know is that we’re witnessing history. When is the next time we’ll see a player put on the Real Madrid shirt who scores goals like Cristiano? It’s going to be a very long time from now.



  1. Thing is,that when you realize that there are people that can achieve the same things WITHOUT behaving like a spoiled brat (Messi), it put things in perspective. Suddenly it becomes clear that you don’t HAVE to be an asshole (see for example Zlatan) or act egotistical (Ronaldo) to be a star. You CHOOSE to be. And that’s not very sympathetic is it?

  2. Lottie,

    You say Messi doesn’t act like a spoiled brat? Just because he doesn’t show emotion like Ronaldo doesn’t mean he doesn’t act like a spoiled brat. Many people say he runs Barca and pouts incredibly when he doesn’t get his way. Many say he has run many players out of town because they were stealing his thunder. Messi’s spoiled brat behavior manifests itself in him going through the motions and apathy. Ronaldo treats fans much better than Messi does as well. Messi is devious and behind the scenes. Ronaldo wears his heart on his sleeve. I’d say you’re judging the book by it’s cover and we know how that works…

  3. I think a lot of the press forgets how spoiled Raul was, how he ran the team for years looking to pad his own personal scoring records, how he hung around like a the dead El Cid strapped to his horse. I have enjoyed the CR show, and he obviously still has it. All I ask is that he retires like Zidane, while still the masterful player that he is.


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