The ‘Old Lady’ wants some respect

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Step 1 of 4.  Complete…

RM saw off a determined Sevilla side 3 – 2 on the road to keep the pressure on Barca.  But as we’ve seen time and time again, no one is more determined than employee #7.

Step 2 of 4.  Gain a positive result in Turin on May 5th.

This will be interesting to watch and in Carlo Ancelotti’s words could be ‘complicated’.

Juventus is perhaps viewed as the least of the remaining teams in the Champions League semi finals in terms of current prestige and recent international success.  However, they just secured their 4th Italian league title in a row, and are primed for bigger and better things to validate domestic results and satiate their international appetite for success.

Although the Italian Serie A has been weaker in recent years, Juve is full of international talent including one of our own cantera products, Alvaro Morata.  Morata will no doubt want to show his former employers that they made a mistake letting him go.  

Of course the timeless Andrea Pirlo will have to retire at some point and will want one last moment of glory. For him, or anyone, there could be no better way to walk off into the sunset than to win the Champions League.

Then there’s the mercurial Carlos Tevez who wants to show the footballing world that he’s not a ‘has been’. He is full of ambition and having one of his better seasons in recent memory.  As it currently stands, he represents Juve’s best chance for offense to match their powerful defense.

They say an animal is at it’s most dangerous when injured.  Juve will be no different being without top talent Paul Pogba and willl want to show they can play and win without him.  No doubt whoever takes his place will want to make a name for himself on such a stage as this.

Finally, there’s that little extra motivation to do well against a former coach, potential future Italy skipper, and current RM boss, Carlo Ancelotti.

Los Blancos have been prepared well for this match-up having arrived at this point by dispatching Atletico Madrid, who play a similar defensive style to Juventus, although Juve are less cynical/physical in their approach, keep better possession, and have more offensive firepower then the cross town rivals.

Step 3 of 4.  Send Valencia packing and take giant step towards La Liga glory.

Step 4 of 4.  Finish the job against Juve at the Bernabeu and prepare for Champions League final.

No pressure…

Hala Madrid!



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