“El Clasico” Champions League Final Possible

Photo by LLUIS GENE/AFP/Getty Images

Prior to the first round of the semi finals of this year’s champions league edition, the predictions by many people seemed to be that Real Madrid would meet Bayern Munich in the final. This was due to the semi final draw which had pitted Real Madrid against seemingly underdogs Juventus, and Barcelona against favorites Bayern Munich. And now with much still to be done in the second leg between Real Madrid and Juventus, it is the general expectation that the Galacticos will shine at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium where they have not failed to score a goal in any match this season. Given that it turns out to be such, there is the prospect of a Clasico finale as Barcelona already have one leg into the final thanks to Lionel Messi and Neymar.

The Catalonian outfit yesterday demolished Pep Guardiola’s side in a tense match played at the Camp Nou. It was arguably expected that any team which was to win this tie would win narrowly. Given the experience that the Bavarians brought to Catalonia, they were dubbed the favorites to win the game. Their team comprised a huge chunk of the players who won the champions league in 2013 and a coach who has won this competition twice with Barcelona. Weighing this against Barcelona coach, Enrique who had never reached this stage in his coaching career; and players like Suarez, Rakitic and Ter Stegen who had never played in this stage; it seemed Barcelona would fall. It was a question of in which leg of the game that would come to pass. Late goals from Messi and Neymar have however changed the complexion of the situation. It now seems Real Madrid are the only team that can really play Barcelona.

Should Madrid win and Barcelona protect their lead next week, the world is going to see the best champions league final in many years. This is going to be so given the great rivalry between Real Madrid and Barcelona. It would be a fierce match given the determination in both teams’ players not to be beaten by their bitter rivals. For both teams, winning this elite trophy by beating the greatest rivals would be an honor. More so, this match would feature the two greats Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. It would feature temperamental players like Sergio Ramos and Javier Mascherano. It would be their greatest showdown against each other thus far. Both would have to impress their fans and make sure that they stay toe to toe in terms of their individual records. Even the referee of this match has to be strong. Surely the world will come to a stand still if that final becomes possible next week. For now, lets all keep our fingers crossed.



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