Jekyll and Hyde

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Deep breath… in through the nose… out through the mouth… whisper namaste… go to your happy place… (repeat 10 times).

They say after a traumatic event, you shouldn’t make any major decisions in your life, or write any editorials.

I think I’m ready…

It was so disappointing, to say the least, to lose.  However, to lose while playing so poorly in such a big game is heart breaking.  It is doubly hard to take when in the previous round, Monaco, yes that powerhouse Monaco, played Juve much, much better than Real Madrid.

I have to agree with the other Liga managers out there.  Injuries are no excuse for Ancelotti’s side, especially when your bench is the 3rd most expensive side in La Liga.

Let’s take a look at the up side for Los Blancos…

  • We really couldn’t have played much worse and are only down by a 2 -1 margin with a precious ‘away’ goal.
  • We should have ‘The Cat’ – Karim Benzema back for the second leg of the tie and with him, hopefully, some more danger up front.
  • Perhaps C.A. will see fit to leave our best player, Isco, on the pitch for the full 90′
  • We had a bit of bad luck to go along with our lack luster play.  The cross bar robbed us of a 2 – 2 draw.
  • We could be a little less generous and stop giving away free goals with stupid penalties in the area.
  • Where’s the side that sacrificed and put it all out there for 180 plus minutes against Bayern last year? The side we saw in the second half against Dortmund two years ago. We know they’re in there somewhere, that they can do it!  I fondly remember Bale harassing Bayern forwards to Casillas’ end line all game long last year, ahhh, those Bayern days…
  • We will be wearing white on May 13th.  That means playing in the friendly confines of Fort Bernabeu (decidedly unfriendly if you don’t put your heart and soul into it!)

That’s the bright side for the White side.  Hopefully Mr. Hyde stayed in Turin!

You can do it, lads!

Hala Madrid!

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I have been a Madridista since my first experience with Real Madrid while attending a game at the Bernabeu in 2010. Of course, I knew they existed before then, however, as a kid growing up in North America, I had my interests firmly planted in hockey, American football, basketball and the like. On that trip to Spain, our close friends decided it would be cool to check out a professional football match while we were there, and bought tickets to see Real Madrid play Osasuna. I was hooked. I fell in love with the beautiful game and Los Blancos. While I’m not a born Madrid fan, sometimes converts are the most passionate!


  1. All in all, it could have been much worse. If the RM team that won 20 plus games in a row, and decimated Barca in the process, shows up we’ll go to Berlin. If not, well…


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