Not a good day to be a Madridista

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The next morning has arrived and the Champions League hangover sets in. What started with such promise turned into a year in blanco. To make matters worse, our eternal rival who started the season so poorly is now in top form and on course for a triplete. How did the team that won 22 straight matches and almost broke the all-time win-streak record end the season empty handed? I knew that back to back Champions League victories was asking a bit much but I didn’t foresee not winning anything.

At the beginning of 2015 was when things started turning for the worst. The team seemed to play without intensity and we started tying, losing and dropping points. The league title was ours and we gave it away. The team only started improving against Barcelona in the clasico, but again, similar to yesterday, we didn’t put away our chances and paid for it.

Was the team exhausted midcourse? That’s what many people claim, blaming Ancelotti for not rotating more and running our men into the ground. I’m not so sure Ancelotti can be blamed because we had so many injuries and the backups left to rotate who were not in great form. We were looking at options like Illara and Khedira, neither of which was performing well. Even Jese has not done well since returning from injury. Was it a planning problem, not getting the right players for a deep squad? Maybe.

At times like these the criticism comes rolling in. Everyone is to blame and everyone should be shipped off. I don’t see things that way. If anything our club needs it is stability. Ancelotti is a good manager and we have a great team. We should just bring in some reinforcements to be able to deal better with injuries.

Now we have to endure the last week of the season (unless it’s canceled) and come to terms with the fact that we’re coming up empty handed this year.

There are rumors that Cristiano wants out after saying a couple months ago that he wasn’t going to speak until the end of the season, after getting some whistles from the fans. I hope he stays along with Bale and Ancelotti. It’s time to start preparing for next year.

Hala Madrid y nada más.


  1. Its a very sad experience in the 2014-15 season for the club. It was quite impressing watching our beloved Los Blancos who won the UEFA super cup earlier and the FIFA Club World Cup latter. We were expecting a lot but we should know that in the pitch, everything can happen and it embarrasses a lot if its not you who is winning. We have no much to blame for the draw. The players tried everything to make it to the final. We failed to utilise the chances that came our way.
    Lets forget what has happened to us, though it is hard not to forget, and concentrate on the coming season. I hope we will fight hard to get at least 2 silver wares next year.
    Hala Madrid!!!!!


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