How to Get Tickets for Real Madrid Matches


For normal Real Madrid Liga matches seats open up when socios (Real Madrid shareholders) don’t take their seats for particular matches. These open seats become available for sale at Real Madrid’s ticket office.

Seats always open up for all matches with the exception of the clasico, Real Madrid vs Barcelona. Some shareholders sell their seats themselves for this match for big money. Expect to pay at least 200€ euros for a mediocre seat.

Tickets can be purchased on-line from Real Madrid’s website here. For a normal match the cheapest you can find will be around 30€ euros. At this price you’ll be as high up in the stands as possible. Each fondo (the north or south part of the stadium as oppsed to sides) is cheaper. There are also VIP seats for any match. These tickets usually start out at over 200€ euros. As an alternative to the official site you can also try

You can see the match fairly well from any part of the stadium, even the very top. You’re still close enough to be able to identify individual players. Being high up has its advantages as you can follow the movement of all the players on the field and get a better appreciation of the entire flow of the game. Being very close to the field may be exciting to see your favorite players close-up but you don’t follow the game as well. The ideal spot is on one of the lateral in the Tribuna.

If you’re strapped for cash then you should go to an early Copa del Rey match as they are played against second and third division teams and usually cost much less. The Champions League match are of course the most expensive. You can still get reasonably priced tickets for first round Champions League matches, especially against lesser important teams.

If you have a Madridista card you can buy tickets one day ahead of the general public. It only runs about 30€ euros per year and you also get some monthly magazines along with it.

Anyone can buy tickets through or on location at the stadium for home matches. You can even buy tickets the same day if the match isn’t full.

For away matches, for example, Champions League, Real Madrid can buy a number of tickets for home fans but there is a limited number. Socios get first access to these tickets followed by Madridista members. Its first come, first serve.

When going to the match you want to be careful about what you bring. Closed water or soda bottles are not allowed in as they can be used to injure a player. Also avoid taking expensive camera equipment as you will probably not get in with it. Only match accredited photographers can take professional camera or video equipment.


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