Cristiano leaving Madrid?


When you set all the records, there’s nothing left but your records to break. And that is the case with one Cristiano Ronaldo. After 6 seasons with the Whites, Cristiano has set his fair share of records ranging from goals to personal trophies to different ‘streaks’. But was 2014/15 his last season with the capital club? Some portion of the media think it was, perhaps just to boost their sales, but there are some fans who have let that feeling, Cristiano’s departure, get to them. However, if you look at what the Portuguese legend has accomplished so far, and his latest season, you would see that now that he’s closer to his goal than ever, it would be very hard to see him leave.

Cristiano’s goal has always been the same, since his days at Manchester and his arrival at Madrid, he has always wanted to be the best. He never hid that fact and he doesn’t hide it now. And when it comes to clubs, history and success wise, there isn’t any bigger than Real Madrid. So what better way to cement your place as one of the all-time football greats, than by proving yourself as the best ever player in the history of the best and biggest ever club in this sport? And after 6 seasons, Cristiano is closer now to achieving that goal than ever. Sure, some can say that he already is the best Real Madrid player in history, and you would be hard pressed to hold a sustainable argument with them on that fact, but even for the doubters, a seventh successful season would close all doors on the argument against it.

Cristiano Ronaldo is 30 years old right now, yet he set his personal best numbers of his entire career this season. He scored 61 goals (beating his 60 haul from 2011/12) in all competitions, he provided 22 assists (beating his 19 assists in 2011/12), scored 8 hatricks (beating the 7 hatricks he scored in 2010/11 and 2011/12), and scored 30 away goals in all competitions (beating the 29 away goals he scored in 2011/12). These numbers are not only Cristiano’s personal best, they are currently Real Madrid’s all-time best (save for the assists).

Cristiano is already Real Madrid’s top goal scorer away from home in the Champions League, La Liga, and overall in all competitions. On top of that, Cristiano holds the club record(s) for the longest scoring streak in:

  • All competitions (12 games)
  • All competitions at home (10 games)
  • All competitions away (8 games)
  • La Liga (11 games)
  • La Liga at home (17 games)
  • La Liga away (8 games)
  • Champions League (8 games)
  • Champions League away (13 games)

Cristiano currently sits second in the list of Real Madrid’s all-time top goal scorers (only behind Raul), however with only 11 goals separating him from the top spot, Cristiano should be reigning goal scorer pretty soon. Cristiano also sits second in the club’s all-time La Liga goal scorers list, with only 4 goals separating him from claiming that top spot (again from Raul). Finally, Cristiano again trails Raul by 4 goals in the club’s all-time Champions League goal scorers list. The fact remains that Cristiano has been so incredibly dominant that he has taken nearly every record in sight, or he’s very close to doing so. Which begs the question: why on earth would Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the most competitive athletes in history, leave Real Madrid when he’s so close from claiming almost all the records remaining in the club? The answer is, he would not do it. Cristiano won’t leave when the top 3 ‘goal scorer’ acclaims are so close to him. Staying for another season (at least) and leading all of the club’s goal scorers lists in the top competitions would play a huge part in forever proving that Cristiano Ronaldo is the greatest player to wear the famous white shirt. And knowing Cristiano, he would not skip that opportunity to go somewhere else and start all over again. So if you were a betting person, bet on Cristiano staying at Madrid next season, and if you want a safer bet, bet on him breaking more records in 2015/16.


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