Messi chases Ronaldo in goal tally

Photo by FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP/Getty Images

Cristiano, with a recent hat trick for Portugal, finished up the season with a grand total of 66 goals. With his latest hat-trick against Armenia, Portugal is all but assured a spot in next year’s EuroCup. With 66 goals on 60 matches, Cristiano boasts a goal average of 1.1 goals per match.

With the euro qualifiers over, the Portuguese striker is off on vacation until next season while Messi still has the opportunity to score more goals playing in the American Cup. Messi is currently on 62 goals in 62 matches, averaging just 1 goal per match. Having played 2 more matches than Cristiano, Messi is just 4 goals shy of Cristiano’s 2014-2015 season total. The Argentine could potentially play up to 5 more matches if Argentina makes it to the final, to overcome the deficit.

Ronaldo and Messi continue to be head and shoulders over other strikers. In third place be Neymar with 48 goals, followed by Sergio Agüero with 38 goals and Luis Suarez with 28 goals.


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