Will the Real Cristiano Ronaldo Please Stand Up?


Cristiano Ronaldo’s numbers keep getting better every year, but at 30 years old has he finally reached the limit of his abilities?

It seems the downhill trend has started already with probably his poorest start to the season to date. He hasn’t scored in the last 7 matches (including preseason friendlies and international duty) and only has 1 goal in the past 9.

Much like the Spanish tennis legend Rafael Nadal, who changed the way he played tennis to win on surfaces other than clay, Cristiano has already reinvented himself to improve his goal scoring numbers. At United he was more of a dribbler and took on challenges. After moving to Madrid he increased his goal scoring with sheer speed and anticipation, simply running past defenders and anticipating ball placement.

Now he has hit an age where being the fastest is getting more difficult. Is it possible for Cristiano to reinvent himself again to keep performing better as a player? His number of assists has also increased in recent years as he has become more of an unselfish player. Will that trend continue?

Cristiano has 4 Golden Boot awards as top goal scorer in Europe. I believe he’s fully capable of winning again even though he’s past the 30 year mark. In fact, I think he could do it for the next two years before having to succumb to the inevitability of the aging process.

At any given moment goals can begin flowing like water. I remember witnessing first-hand the 5 goal massacre Cristiano put on against Granada last season. It was followed by several hat-tricks and he ended up with another Golden Boot, this at a time when he had started the second half of the season in a supposed ‘slump’.

One thing is certain, this year Cristiano Ronaldo will become Real Madrid’s greatest goal scorer in history, surpassing Raul and doing it in less than half the number of matches. With 313 goals in just 6 seasons Ronaldo is just 10 shy of Raul’s record. You can bet he’ll come back to his best, literally with SKybet’s No Deposit Offer.

Tonight’s match against Espanyol will be the perfect moment to begin the quest for another Golden Boot for the greatest goal scorer in the history of the game.


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