Injury Crisis at the Bernabeu


It’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep our men healthy these days.  When was the last time the entire BBC was on the pitch? We’re always down a key player or two at any given time. With our talisman Ronaldo in a serious and worrisome goal drought we need all or playmakers healthy.

It’s just been chronic lately with so many key players getting repeat injuries. Now Marcelo’s out again a full month. He has no serious replacement. The best possible attempt at a replacement would be Coentrao but he seems to be perpetually injured himself or simply out of comission. Our most important midfielder Luka has yet another injury, fortunately it doesn’t look too bad. Pepe, Carvajal and Bale are all still out injured.

The glass is however, half full, considering we have a seriously deep football team. The likes of Isco, James, Danilo and company would be not only starters but star players on any other squad. Some of the aforementioned may be a bit more hungry than our usual starters so they have a chance to impress in Wednesday’s vital upcoming Cup match.

We’re down 1-2 against Celta Viga due to a lackluster performance in the Bernabeu, conceding 2 goals which means we have to score twice to win. With a 1-0 victory we would crash out of the King’s Cup on away goals. To be fair we were pretty unlucky as Celta  only had 2 shots on goal and both ended in goals. The latter came from a mistake by Lucas Vazquez  when he lost the ball in the midfield. Bet on Real madrid or your favorite team at sa gambling sites for South African sports betting.

Even in times of drought Cristiano never goes more than 3 games without hitting the back of the net and it usually comes in pairs or triples. I’m going to predict he comes through with a double come Thursday evening with a third and final goal scored by a Ramos header or a long overdue finish by Benzema. We’ll need that third goal as I expect to receive a goal. Keylor is not at the level that saved our season last year.

I fully expect to win the League title finally this year but I’m skeptical about Champions League and a Cup trophy. We’ve put in the worse Champions League round robin performance in a long time, with several ties and finishing second behind Dortmund. The record of no losses in the league has little value when your dropping points right and left on draws.

Lady luck aside, Zidane’s team has not played to its full potential, something that will have to change fast if we want to win one of the knockout tournaments. I’m not sold on all the rotations as I feel it’s detrimental to the team’s cohesion. We should rotate a couple players here and there but not so many at once.


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