Suck It Haters, the Best Team Won!


After yesterday’s awesome victory against Bayern the web was filled with winers and haters bitching about decisions by the ref. The main complaints were:

  1. Vidal sending off
  2. Cristiano’s second goal offsides
  3. Cristiano’s third goal offsides
  4. Casemiro not getting sent off

What I have to say in response to this bitching and moaning:

  1. Vidal should have been sent off earlier for a previous foul. This card was probably finally given for repeat offenses.
  2. Impossible for the line judge to see as the defense converged as the ball was being kicked.
  3. Offsides really? Both players were through the defense and Marcelo could have put it away himself.
  4. I didn’t see that he should be sent off at any point, the supposed penalty was not a foul in my opinion.

This takes me to my next points:

  • Bayern was gifted a penalty as Robben dove in the box. For me there was no penalty, bad call.
  • An inexistant penalty was called against Carvajal in the first leg for handball when it hit his chest.
  • Real Madrid’s own goal by Ramos shouldn’t have counted as an offsides Bayern player was in the play. Another bad call. So now we’re even on bad calls both ways.

Bayern’s only scores came from a weak penalty and Real Madrid own goal. They had only 2 shots on goal in the entire match. No team deserves to win with that lack of offensive production. So suck it haters, the best team one. Hala Madrid!


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