Losing Mr. Legacy Cristiano Ronaldo


In a question of days Cristiano will be officially unveiled as a Juventus player. Most fans would admit that even with all the recent drama we didn’t really expect Cristiano to leave. It seems every year there is speculation or Cristiano is unhappy with something (like Spanish tax authority) but always continues to play at the best club in the world. Probably the biggest reason we didn’t expect him to leave was the question, who could buy him? We couldn’t see Cristiano loosing prestige by going to the French Ligue 1 to play for PSG while still being a prolific goal scorer, nor could we envision a huge club doling out in insane amounts of cash for a player near the end of his career. Yet, that is exactly what happened, leaving many fans in disbelief. Many Juventus supporters may feel like casino online jackpot winners landing the world’s greatest player alongside Messi.

Now we can only imagine how Manchester United supporters were heartbroken when Cristiano left Old Trafford. The 6 years he spent with United were wildly successful culminating in his first Champions League title and Balon d’Or. As Madridistas we at least have the consolation that his best years are behind him as a player and that we had the very best Cristiano in the prime of his career. Not to mention we received an amazing transfer fee for a player about to turn 34 and we no longer have to pay his hefty wage.

Ronaldo’s Legacy

It was never easy to understand how the Bernabeu faithful could whistle at Cristiano. I’ve been to so many matches with Cristiano at the height of his powers where a part of the stadium would occasionally whistle in disapproval. I always thought to myself, o how they are going to miss Cristiano when he’s gone; and that day has arrived. What other player will guarantee you at least one goal per match? What other player will score on average 50 goals per season for 9 consecutive seasons? What other player will help you win 4 Champions League titles? His total Real Madrid goal tally is 451. Will anyone ever beat it? Cristiano is such a legend that some of the best pokies online have been based on him.

Cristiano won 4 Balon d’or as a Real Madrid player. This stat alone is staggering; especially when we consider that he was competing with Messi all those years.  What will cement Cristiano’s legacy more than anything will be the 4 Champions League titles. His contribution to those titles was massive as he was the top goal scorer in the Champions League the past 6 years! (In the 2014-2015 season he tied with Messi and Neymar). Cristiano is of course also the all-time leading scorer in the Champions League with 120 goals at the time of this writing. In terms of the all-time greatest goal scorers Cristiano is currently ranked 6th with 676 goals, just 129 goals behind the top goal scorer in history, Josef Bican.


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