Mbappe is the Chosen One

Photo credit: Кирилл Венедиктов

Every player wants to come to Madrid. So how is it that Real Madrid, the club eternally coveted by players around the world, can no longer attract the world’s best?

Real Madrid, despite winning the Champions League again last season are only sixth favourite to win the title again – a ridiculous underestimation that you can profit from by using this bet365 sign up bonus code.

We landed Figo, Zidane, Ronaldo, Beckham and many more in recent times. Even with a lasting title drought the top players kept rolling in, including Cristiano, Kaká and Benzema. Now after winning 3 Champions League’s in a row how is it possible that no more great players are available? After reestablishing its dominance over Europe it would seem that top players would be even more eager to join the greatest club in history.

I also wonder if anyone really believes that Florentino Perez, after giving up the world’s greatest player and worldwide brand, is not going to make a big signing this year? Was it not Florentino who said that the world’s best players must play at Real Madrid? Was this not the philosophy of the great Santiago Bernabeu? Don’t be fooled by this “market is too overpriced, we’re going to focus on cultivating young talents” narrative.

Something major is going to happen before the market closes. I know it. You know it. Everyone knows it. Florentino is applying strategic patience. Deep down he is a showman. He wants to present that big time signing.  He wants the world’s very best at Madrid and he needs someone big to fill the gap left by Cristiano.

PSG is no Real Madrid. With their millions in investment coming in from the Middle East they have conquered and now dominate the French league.  Maybe they will even finally win a Champions League in the upcoming years, but they will never have the history and the prestige of Real Madrid. All players aim for the top club, as Cristiano once said, and Real Madrid is the very top of the sport.

Mbappe previously turned Madrid down and headed to PSG to assure playing time and stay close to home. Smart kid. But now Cristiano is gone and Mbappe has the perfect opening. He would also have 2 French teammates in Varane and Benzema, the former having also arrived very young and both are long-time established players at the club.

Even if Mbappe agrees why would PSG sell? You’ve probably heard that PSG is being investigated by EUFA. If they are sanctioned for overspending on purchases they will have to give up one of their star players. According to EUFA clubs have to have a balance between what they earn and spend. PSG can’t continually pour money in from other sources or go into massive debt to buy players, the money has to come from the club’s earnings.

Mbappe is on loan from Monaco and is set to be purchased for 180 million euros. After purchasing Neymar for 222 million euros the numbers just don’t add up. The club doesn’t generate that much cash – it appears. The EUFA ruling is about to come down and Perez will be ready to pounce.


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