5 Reasons I Don’t Miss Cristiano Ronaldo


I was an ardent supporter of CR7 through thick and thin while he played for us. I supported him when he misbehaved. To me it was taking the bad with the good. We had to accept the villain if we were to enjoy the genius. Now that he’s gone I don’t miss him and here’s why:

  1. Upon winning a third Champions League in a row he spoke of playing for Real Madrid in past tense right during the victory celebration. Bale was the hero on the night with 2 goals but Cristiano had to make everything about him and drop a bomb instead of celebrating.
  2. He didn’t give a press conference before leaving. The greatest player ever to wear the white shirt couldn’t be bothered to give a press conference and show any appreciation whatsoever for the club or fans.
  3. When finding out he wasn’t going to win the Player of the Year award he snubbed the event and didn’t go support his x-teammate Modric who did win. Nor have I seen any public congratulations from Cristiano to Modric.
  4. He has yet to score for Juventus after 3 official matches. His output will continue to decline with age.
  5. Real Madrid is actually starting to play better and score more goals without him. Now it’s a team again where everyone supports each other. It’s no longer about Cristiano needing to get his goal. Bale, Benzema and other players are performing much better.

It’s not for me to judge what kind of person Cristiano is. In fact, overall I think he is a good person, just lacking in some desirable traits including maybe humility and camaraderie. He won the devotion of some Madridistas through performance and dedication, but he was never truly loved at the Bernabeu, just perhaps greatly admired, and rightfully so.


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