The Year of Luka Modric, the Humble Best

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Luka was named Player of the Year by FIFA on Monday for the 2017-2018 season, putting an end to a decade of dominance by Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Messi and Ronaldo had been the only winners of FIFA’s top individual award since 2008, winning five titles each.

Modric led Madrid’s midfield once again to the Champions League glory and Croatia’s national team to the World Cup final. It was an incredible World Cup performance by Modric but it had not been his best season for Madrid, although he ended strongly.

Fortunately for Luka neither Cristiano nor Messi had a strong World Cup showing to give them that edge for individual awards this year. The great World Cup performance by Luka is what made it possible for him to finally be recognized as the great player he has been for so many years. He has been “The Best” in the midfield for a long time and has finally been recognized for it.

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The greatest thing about Luka is not his ability on the pitch but his humble nature. When we attended press conferences years ago we could see how nice Modric was when answering questions from the press. He was and is a truly down to earth and humble guy. He’s all about getting the business done on the pitch and has little say off it.

“This trophy is not just mine,” Modric said. “It’s for all my Real Madrid teammates. For all my teammates in the Croatia national team. For all the coaches that I have played for.” He went on to speak about his admiration for the national team that moved his coach to tears.

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I’ll be the first to admit I was ecstatic whenever Cristiano won these awards, especially the Balon D’or. But Cristiano’s declarations after winning the Champions League, leaving for Juventus and in the manner which it happened has cooled my desire to see him win more individual awards. Cristiano didn’t bother to go to the previous award ceremony because he didn’t win. This time around again he didn’t bother, alongside Leo Messi, who also skipped the ceremony

This is highly disappointing from Cristiano and the declarations from his agent, Jorge Mendez, were even more pathetic. “He scored 15 goals, carried Real Madrid on his back and conquered the Champions League again. It’s ridiculous, shameful. The winner is not in doubt as Ronaldo is the best in his position.”

When asked about Cristiano’s absence Modric only had this to say: “He is my friend, I was not upset by his absence.” That’s Luka Modric, pure class, and I’m sure he would have been there to support Cristiano if he had won.


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