Bale Refused to Suit Up

Credit: David Ramos / Ghetty

As the Gareth Bale soap opera lingers on Zidane explains why he appeared to not suit up for the Bayern friendly.

“Sometimes my Spanish confuses people. I’m going to try to be very clear when speaking about Gareth. First of all, I haven’t disrespected anyone because I’ve always held the same viewpoint: The players are most important and as long as a player is here I stand with him.”

“The second thing was that the club was working to find him a way out. The third thing, also very important, was that Gareth didn’t change because he didn’t want to. He said that the club was working on his transfer and that he didn’t want to change. So I always go back to the same thing.  Bale is a Real Madrid player and he’ll train normally with everybody else today and tomorrow we’ll see what happens. I don’t know anything new about his transfer options.”


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