Vinicius is the Clear Favorite for the Attacking Role

Photo by JOSE JORDAN/AFP via Getty Images

After four matches into the new season and the top position in the league, Zidane is still looking for the best mix of attacking players to put on the pitch. All positions are up for grab except that of the untouchable Karim Benzema, who Zidane has kept playing in good times and bad. The remaining candidates are Asensio, Jovic, Rodrigo & Vinicius.

‘Vini’ has scored the most goals and has the most shots on goal, with 6 as compared to 12 for Benzema, 3 for Jovic, Asensio & Rodrygo.Vinicious also has 3 for Benzema’s 5, while Jovic has just 1 and 0 shots for the remaining players.

The young Brazilin is off to his best start in now his third season as a Real Madrid player. Last season was complicated by a serious injury he suffered in the Champions League match against Ajax in March. This difficult moment helped him grow according to the Brazilian:

“I arrived at just 18 years old after just one season in Brazil. Everything was new for me and I’m still learning, but I’m already a different player.”

The ongoing injuries to the Belgium striker Eden Hazard have given Vinicius an opportunity to show his worth and he has taken full advantage. So far he has had a starting role in 2 matches and came off the bench for the third, for a total of 191 minutes. Jovic has registered129 minutes, Asensio 102 minutes and Rodrigo just 91 minutes since the start of the season. Due to Vini’s great run of form Zidane is considering using wingers instead of 2 all-out strikers like Benzema & Jovic.

The young winger brings a more direct attack and the ability to dribble past players and create scoring opportunities. His weakness has been finishing and he has been widely criticized for it. Yet, this is an area where he is greatly improving, making him an even more dangerous player on the pitch.

According to Vini: “I’m not afraid to lose the ball and I will keep playing this way so people believe in me. My boldness helps the team when we are down or tied.”

With a purchase price of €46 million Vini is one of Madrid’s biggest purchases in the past several years, betting that a 16 year old would fulfill his potential as a footballer. You can find sites to place your bets on future players and matches at this igaming website. This is the highest amount ever paid for a player under 19 years old.

Vinicius is turning out to be the best alternative for the once again injured Hazard. He’s not only a superb dribbler and playmaker but he seems to also have formed a great connection with Benzema on the pitch as well as off the pitch.


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