PlayStation as Real Madrid’s official console

Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images

This is the year when the gaming world sees a new console cycle, with both Sony and Microsoft announcing the launch of their new gaming consoles, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X respectively. This puts an end to the previous era, where the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One became iconic, and redefined gaming over the past decade or so. With this in mind, it is expected that the upcoming consoles will have a similar impact on the gaming space, especially in the case of the PlayStation, as it comes with exceptional, industry-leading specs and graphics, and has its usual suite of Sony-exclusive games which will blow gamers away.

Additionally, it is also interesting to see how Sony is marketing this new console. PlayStation is one of the most popular consoles in the world, even outside English-speaking countries, and Sony is making a big effort to target these markets well. In one such move which is sure to go down well in Spanish-speaking countries, the Japanese company has announced a partnership with Real Madrid, the reigning champions of the Spanish football league, La Liga, and one of the biggest and most popular football clubs in the world.

This partnership includes Real Madrid’s football and basketball teams, both men’s and women’s, as well as the entire PlayStation ecosystem, including PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now, with the PlayStation 4 and 5 becoming Real Madrid’s official consoles. This is a smart move from Sony, given that it already has quite a footprint in football. It has been one of the primary sponsors of the UEFA Champions League, which is the biggest club football competition in Europe, for years now, while it is also the primary marketing partner for the FIFA series of video games. Adding Real Madrid into the mix should only serve to add to its marketing power, and to start things off, Sony will be selling an exclusive Real Madrid-themed bundle, which will include a copy of FIFA 21 along with in-game extras. Of course, there is more likely to come from this partnership, but it is a great start for the console maker.

This coming together between Real Madrid and Sony is especially important given just how intrinsic the football club is to the growth and popularity of the sport in Europe and elsewhere. It is not surprising to see Real Madrid fans spread out all over the globe, and its popularity has long been used by many brands and manufacturers to sell various products, based on both it and its players’ fame. In fact, even online casino games have been spotted with a Real Madrid theme, especially as now football clubs have their own exclusive betting partners. Click here to find out all about the various football-themed online casino games available today.

At the same time, Madrid’s popularity has been on the rise in recent years as well, following their unbelievable success in the Champions League, as well as their recent win in La Liga. The club, which won the first five European Cups, which was the forerunner of the Champions League, in the 1950s, also dominated the Spanish league, setting itself up for success and fame right from the outset. The rivalry, sporting and otherwise, with Barcelona, has also served to increase both club’s popularity, with El Clasico regularly being the most-watched football game every year. Additionally, in the year 2000, when Florentino Perez first became president of the club, Madrid embarked upon a huge signing spree, snapping up some of the biggest and most famous footballers in the world, to create the Galacticos project. This was seen once again from 2009 onwards when Perez returned to the club, and it is no surprise that the famous white shirt has remained so famous throughout the years, on the back of sporting success as well as the names who have worn it throughout the years.


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