Gareth Bale Will Return to the Bernabeu

Gareth Bale in a Liga match vs Deportivo de La Coruña in the Santiago Bernabeu

Real Madrid has been concerned about the situation with Gareth Bale, hoping to be able to offload the injury prone striker for good. Bale has been on loan at his old club, Tottenham HotSpur, where he developed into a world class player. Bale previously played for the Spurs from 2007-2013.

Unfortunately for Madrid, Tottenham has decided not to exercise their purchase option as the Welsh striker has failed to impress at his old stomping ground. Bale is offering the same level as the past 2 years at Madrid. People around the player had hoped that a return to his home club may revive his confidence and improve his form, but that has not been the case.

Communication between the 2 clubs, Madrid and Tottenham, has been excellent and the x-madridista and current Tottenham manager, Jose Mourinho, and the club’s president, Daniel Levy, have made their decision about Bale and passed on the decision to the Bernabeu. On June 30th Bale will be returning to Madrid. That may have been an easy bet to make on sites like online pokies.

Real Madrid has been searching to offload Bale for the past 2 years. With the player almost completely refusing to leave and no other club offering similar wages, the club has been unable to find a solution. The player still has a year left on his contract come this summer. The chances of a club paying to pick him up are slim to none as he can go free of expense at the end of the 2021-2022 season.

Mourinho finally came to Madrid’s rescue to pick up Bale on loan this season. The Portuguese manager has always been a fan of the player and was close to signing him for Manchester United during his spell as manager there.

Bale has only played in 15 of 32 matches on loan as a Tottenham player this year. He has only started 2 matches in the Premier League, where he has hardly played. He has, however, played every Europe League match as well as FA Cup and EFL Cup matches, with just 4 goals in all competitions. Try your odds at any of these casinos en ligne for all English competitions.

In a recent match against Brighton, Bale had zero shots on goal after 60 minutes. This is just one case in point that has drawn harsh criticisms against the striker. According to another x-Tottenham player, Graeme Souness, Bale is settling for less:

“Now, if he is not happy with that, and that is what he was accused of at Real Madrid, if he is not happy, then be vocal about it, let the Spurs supporters know you are not happy and not getting enough minutes. This is a guy who was a genuine – and we don’t know if he still is because we haven’t seen enough of him – world-class footballer. At 31, this should be his peak years. I played my best football at 31. This should be his best years, coming back where he is much-loved. During games, subs are being made and the camera goes on him. He is not perturbed at not being one of the players going on.”


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