About Madridismo ORG

Madridismo.org was started back in 2011, created by Real Madrid fans for Real Madrid fans. We attend home matches, training sessions and select Real Madrid events to bring more coverage to the international Madridista community.

It all started when Saint Iker appeared to us and announced that Mourinho’s eye-poking finger would chase us until the end of times if we didn’t create an altar to the glory of Real Madrid. We were bewildered –and scared, quite frankly–, so we complied, and this is how Madridismo.org was born.

Not buying it? We sure hope not! 😉 The truth is this webspace is at the crossroads of who we are, what we love and what we normally do for a living. We’re all Madridistas (duh!), international-minded, with extensive experience in the fields of web development, programming and writing. Up until now, these three components were pretty compartimentalized. But then it occured to us that instead of using our skills in a work environment only, we could also apply them to our passion and what deeply defines us. And that is how Madridismo was born. We hope you’ll enjoy being part of this project as much as we do, and that it will be an opportunity for Madridistas around the world to further connect and exchange.

Now that we introduced ourselves properly, what about you? Join this community of Madridistas and let us know who you are, where you’re from, what you like the most about Real Madrid and basically anything you feel like sharing with your fellow Madridistas!

Talk to you soon,

The pips at Madridismo.org

We do not represent nor are we associated with Real Madrid CF, Realmadrid Foundation or any ex or current Real Madrid player or staff member.